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Our focus is the manufacturing of fine wooden combs and horn combs. By choosing strong and firm wood and working with advanced and experienced handcraft skills, very smooth and durable combs are made. Especially our wooden combs are made for lifelong usage. With good care the combs can last like furniture made in good old times.
With plentiful and varying designs our combs will give you a great pleasure and also will make a nice gift for your family or friends.

All wooden and horn combs are fine polished, waxed for very smooth surface, rounded edges and are extraordinarily comfortable for combing and will care and protect your hair very well. the round tooth top will also comfortably massage your scalp.

The probably highest stability of wooden combs is achieved by mating and gluing of two wood components, which are furthermore crooked. In this way the gluing is much more durable and the comb has much longer lifetime than combs with conventionally straight gluing of flat components.
However, in any case the combs show a  damage of the wood caused by material weakness, you will get a replacement.

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