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Smooth horn combs, made of very strong bright sheep horn or buffalo horn

These amber like coloured sheep horn combs are much more durable than irish horn. They are made of one piece of horn and because of its high density white horn are much less sensible to bending and will not break easily. The smooth surface and round polished teeth top is also in contrast to most other horn combs. So they comb hair and massage scalp very comfortably.
For maintainaning the good qualities of these horn combs it is necessary to keep the horn's lipid. This could be done naturally by combing from the hair's own fat. But after cleaning the comb with water or a moist cloth it is better to use a vegetable oil or a special "horn-oil" and polish the comb's survace. You should never use soap or other detergents for cleaning the horn comb, otherwise the horn will become chapped and it's lifetime will be shortened.

Please click on the pictures for more detail:
New: slim handle horn comb with fine teeth, KCBJ0302.
Length: 18 cm, teeth gap 1.5 mm
handle horn comb
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Bj2-1: Handle horn comb with normal teeth.
Length: 185 mm
horn comb
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Bj3-1: medium sized handle horn comb with normal teeth.
Length: 170 mm
horn comb
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KCBJ0307: medium sized handle horn comb with wide teeth.
Length: 18 cm, teeth gap 3 mm
horn comb
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Bj6-1: Dressing comb, normal teeth.
Length: 155 mm
dressing horn comb
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Bj7-3: Pocket horn comb with fine and medium teeth. Length: 140 mm pocket horn comb
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KCBJ0605: Pocket horn comb with medium wide teeth. Length: 12 cm, teeth gap 2 mm horn comb
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Bj11-2: Small pocket horn comb with fine teeth.
Length: 120 mm
  horn comb
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HJ9-5: black buffalo pocket horn comb, wide teeth. Length: 9 cm, teeth gap 3 mm  pocket horn combs
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